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How to relieve Muscle Pain with Red Light Therapy?
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Do you suffer from muscle cramps, joint pains, and movement disorders?  You’re not alone. Experiencing cramps and joint pains along with other muscle aches is very common. This  problem has been seen in sportspeople, athletes, and even in common individuals.  These may be sometimes due to heavy exercise or any hard muscular activity. How of get rid of this pain? Is there any other method apart from surgeries? Yes, Red Light therapy assists in this regard. Almost 50 million Americans suffer from muscular disorders. Here we will discuss in detail that How muscle pain occurs? How it can be treated through Red Light Therapy? Can we treat our muscle pain at home?

How muscle pain occurs?

Pain sensation is a signal that something is wrong in the body. The situation becomes worse if the pain becomes chronic or if the mechanics of injury repeat. Muscle strains, sprains, ligament dislocations, convolutions, and bone damages are nowadays very common Muscle pain may be due to stress any strenuous exercise, or any kind of injury. Such muscle pain can be treated at home and is not very dangerous. Sometimes the pain becomes systemic results in soreness and causes fatigue. It may be due to severe injuries such pain requires care and attention and needs to be treated soon. Muscle pain can be straining, stabbing, aching, or of any kind depending upon the reason behind it.

Muscle pain and Red Light Therapy:

Red light therapy is a non-invasive and benign technology for the treatment of different aches. Red light therapy refers to the treatment with high output LEDs. This kind of therapy involves the use of two kinds of lights Red light and Near-infrared light. Red light has wavelength that can be seen with the human eye and provides a healing effect. Infra-red light can’t be seen with eyes but the heating effect is felt. It helps in the treatment of weight loss, chronic back pain, increase in the level of testosterone, eye care, muscle pains, and many other aches.

Shining light helps relieve pain in this some relief by the warmth of red light therapy. This warmth gives a relaxing effect. Joint aches, hip pain, and movement disorders cause muscle pain. Relaxation helps in lowering the perception of pain. This therapy has become very popular among athletes and sportsperson for getting fast relief from their muscle aches and the biggest benefit is you can use it at the comfort of your doorstep.

 Why Red Light Therapy?

  • This therapy provides targeted pain relief.
  • Red Light Therapy gives drug-free pain ease.
  • This technique is easy to use.
  • Red light therapy is painless.
  • This technique is highly accessible at homes, gyms, salons, wellness centers, and many more.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Muscle Pain:

Red Light Therapy for muscle pain is beneficial because of its ability to penetrate the body without damaging it. Red light therapy has many benefits from boosting cells activity to activation of stem cells.

Cells get a Boost of Energy: Red light is absorbed in the cells and reaches mitochondria. Mitochondria is the ‘’Powerhouse ‘’of cells and boosts energy. It produces ATP and reaches cells on need. Also red light boosts the metabolism which helps cells to work faster and efficiently.

Cell repairing and Reduction in Inflammation: Red light helps in faster wound healing by reducing inflammation. Without inflammation wounds, Red light reduces and eliminates inflammation to reduce pain. Red light therapy helps activate myosatellite cells, and these cells become active during injury or strenuous exercise.

Collagen Production: For any damage to the muscle or connective tissue, collagen production is necessary. Red light induces Collagen production . Collagen is a vital protein for forming a lattice network and helps in no scar formation. Scar formation also known as Fibrosis is alarming . It may disrupt muscle functioning completely, leading to malfunctioning, weakness, and chronic pain.

Release of Nitric Oxide: The release of nitric oxide is essential for healthy arteries. Nitric oxide helps arteries to relax by reducing oxidative stress. It lowers the chance of platelet clumping and any kind of blockage in arteries. Red light assists in the release of more nitric oxide which in turn promotes the smooth flow of blood and prevents damage to tissues.

Improvement in Joint Health: Red Light provides warmth and helps in the improvement of joint health. According to a study, the heating effect resulted in faster recovery and improvement in joint health.

Increase in Muscle Size and Bulk: Red Light Therapy helps increase muscle bulk and activity. According to Research, exposure to red light helps increase muscle activity and mass of its patients along with an increase in time before fatigue.

Increased Circulation: Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to tissues (muscles) and increases circulation. Poor circulation causes chronic and acute pain. Red light therapy or low laser therapy helps in the increase of capillaries.

Activation of Stem Cells: Stem cells aid in healing mechanisms. These cells are present inactive in the body. However, they travel through the bloodstream where they are needed and take the place of those cells. Red light therapy boosts this activity.

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