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How To Treat Hair Loss With Red Light Therapy?

Hair loss and bald patches are surprisingly common, but are you tired of sinking your time to cover them up? It is estimated that almost 80 million men and women have hair loss in America! Isn’t it freaking especially at a young age? The real hair wigs and treatments cost up to 1000 dollars and have side effects too! While on the other hand, red light therapy for hair loss is the most effective and safest way to trigger the natural growth of hair. In this article, we will go through the reasons why we lose hair and the safest treatment for their regrowth.

Why do we lose hair?

As per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, practically 50% of men show perceptible balding when they arrive at middle age; yet shockingly, the numbers are much higher among women: by age 60, almost 80 percent of women show observable hair loss. Before discussing how to treat hair loss, addressing the reasons for hair loss is significant. It’s natural for a specific amount of hair to fall out each day. Individuals generally lose up to 100 hairs every day. While it’s logical for hairs to shed to create space for the new ones to be grown. Hair loss occurs when the shredded ones are not replaced by new ones. The follicles either become weak or dead due to several reasons. Hair loss is commonly related to:


The most widely recognized reason for hair loss is a genetic condition that occurs with aging. This condition is called androgenic alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and female-pattern baldness. In ladies, the primary perceptible indication of innate hair loss is typically diminishing or a broadening part in central length.  While for a man going bald, the primary sign is frequently a subsiding hairline or uncovered spot at the front point of his head.

Hormonal changes

An assortment of conditions can cause perpetual or transitory hair loss, including hormonal changes because of pregnancy, menopause, childbirth, cancer treatment, and thyroid issues.

Poor nutrition

Significantly having poor nutrition implies that you probably are not ingesting sufficient nutrients in your body, likely protein, fats, and zinc. These deficiencies for some undefined time can prompt hair loss. Moreover, too little biotin and can also lead to apparent hair loss.


Stress can drive hair follicles into a “resting” stage with the issue that they don’t deliver new hair strands. Over the long run, hair can drop out more causing apparent hair loss. Women having high stress are reported to have 11 times more hair loss as compared to normal ones.

Red light therapy for hair loss

Red light therapy is commonly known as low laser light, artificial natural light or soft light treatment is a protected type of light therapy that is being utilized increasingly more to treat the different types of hair loss. Red light therapy for hair loss is a protected, compelling, and best treatment choice for hair loss that is acquiring the spotlight with experts and the public. Upheld by solid evidence of clinical exploration, red light therapies have expanded hair number, hair thickness, and hair density reducing hair loss at the same. And these advantages come with no bad incidental effects! Red light treatment shows a guarantee as that of alternative treatments. Red light treatment can assist with working on an assortment of different conditions, including joint agony from joint inflammation, sunburn, weight loss, chronic back pain, insomnia, and nerve damage along with maintaining ocular health. Indeed, it can even treat one of the underlying drivers of going bald: thyroid issues.

How red light therapy treats hair loss?

A quality red light therapy conveys protected, concentrated frequencies of natural light to your skin, without any synthetic compounds, UV beams, or an abundance of heat. These red frequencies of light invigorate the mitochondria in your cells like normal daylight, decreasing oxidative pressure and increasing blood flow, so your body can make more ATP energy. More ATP means more energized cells, consequently enhancing the growth process. Red light therapy has been found, to increase the microcirculation in the scalp and increase the metabolism of shredded follicles for regrowth. It additionally has a significant invigorating impact on the dermal papilla cells, which play a major part in the regulation of hair cycling and development. Red light therapy also contributes to increase collagen production; which acts as an anti-oxidant and reduces the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, ultimately increasing hair growth. Moreover, red light therapy helps hair grow naturally; this procedure irradiates photons in the scalp. These released photons are then absorbed by the weak scalp cells,48j which encourage hair growth.

Does red light therapy work for both men and women?

 Red light treatment is at the forefront and upheld by the most recent exploration from solid sources because of the so much good stuff it offers. Red light therapy for hair loss is widely promoted for both men and women as it is effective for both men and women.

Red light therapy for hair loss in men:

 Red light therapy is a proven effective treatment for hair loss in men versus all the other hair loss treatment alternatives. According to research conducted in 2019, participants had red light therapy treatment for six months and on examination, it was evident that red light therapy regulated and promoted hair growth in men. A study in 2018 showed that red light therapy is the safest and effective treatment to deal with male hair loss and baldness.

Red light therapy for hair loss in women:

 Almost a decade ago, the effective available options for hair loss of women were few. With the advancing technologies, many treatments for hair loss of women trend from time to time. However, the safest and proven one is red light therapy. The effectiveness of red light therapy for hair loss of women was demonstrated by research which showed 37% increase in hair growth after 16 weeks of treatment posing no adverse effects. Another study in 2017 regarding hair loss in women and the effect of red light therapy showed a 51% increase in hair count in the group treated with red light therapy.

Why Red light therapy for hair loss?

 No side effects:

Every individual is different, and even though red light therapy has no adverse symptoms. Either gender from any age group can consistently conceive red light therapy and encounter it with no issue. But when starting with red light therapy, the patient should search for a trained professional for the best and fast results. Red light treatment is known not to have genuine incidental effects. This treatment is effortless, protected, and simple to get access to as well.

No extra growth at unwanted areas:

Red light treatment can animate hair development, but it can’t develop hair in places where it has never existed. It can work on the nature of the hair that develops by increasing the blood supply, ensuring that the developing hair is getting the supplements it needs to be healthy.

Powerful Treatment:

Red light therapy for hair loss is more powerful than hair growth medications, pills, and surgeries. Red light treatment has been displayed to make hair regrow the crown region and along the hairline, the most widely recognized spots that will have hair. Mostly hair regrowth has been seen following 12 to 26 weeks of utilizing red light treatment, including less hair loss every day and a recognizable improvement for hairs developing on the head.

How long should one use red light therapy for hair loss?

There is no hard and fast rule for the session timings; however, the best methodology is to focus on 2 to 3 sessions each day of around 20 minutes for at least 4 to 5 months utilizing a quality red light therapy gadget. Follow any important guidelines if provided to you, and do not over bask in the light. It is not a certainty that longer-time therapies would yield better results instead consistency is the key. After this careful treatment period, you can proceed with an upkeep program of a couple of daily meetings 1-4 times each week endlessly.

How fast does red light therapy work?

Regular and consistent openness to red light will be fundamental before you see clear outcomes. It is because of the ordinary development measure that starts at the cell level. Despite the fact that hair cells are quickly developing, remember that hair loss or baldness ordinarily doesn’t occur within a short time span, and it will thus require efforts for hair to grow to its unique normality.

Don’t get put off by this; you are not going to regret your investments. Quit worrying and let your body manage its job. You didn’t lose your hair short-term; it won’t develop back for the time being by the same token. In spite of the fact that what it may do expedite is quit dropping out, which is an incredible beginning.

Bottom line

Red light therapy for hair loss is a safe and effective treatment equally reliable for both men and women. Evident studies have supported red light therapy to cope with the root causes of hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. Those struggling with hair loss must give a try to red light therapy, which in turn enhances their hair number, density and boosts growth. On your journey to red light therapy, be patient to enjoy amazing outcomes!

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