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Does Red Light therapy help you in weight loss?
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Frustrated by trying different meal plans, injections, natural herbs and appetite suppressants? The wait is over because Red light treatment helps in weight loss and is the solution to your problem. You will be amazed to know that red light therapy can help you do away with your unwanted fat . It will help you come back into your desired shape. But a healthy diet along with a good exercise routine is also required to make this therapy successful.

Later, in this post, we will discuss everything you want to know about Red light therapy. How does red light therapy work for weight loss? Its benefits, Can we use it at home? And Of course, Is it a permanent solution or not.

Red light Therapy and Weight loss

What is Red light therapy? Red light therapy or photo biomodulation involves a current benign therapy for weight loss. It helps reduce inflammation and increases the level of testosterone. On this spot, we will discuss how it helps to reduce excess fat.

LLLT is a new technology that helps in the breakage of cell membranes. In this way, the fat leaches out and are released through the body’s natural process. During red light therapy, a person lies down or sits, and the waves penetrate about 1-2 inches in the dermal layer of the skin. In this technique, Normally Red, blue or infrared light is primarily used. The dermatologist or a plastic surgeon exposes the person for red light therapy for about 10-40 minutes. In red light therapy, at the minimum, six sessions are compulsory for witnessing visible results.

How it works ?

Strategy for Weight Loss:

Red light therapy for weight loss provides energy to the body cells that encourage a body’s natural metabolism to work faster and aids in quick weight loss. This technique also helps in making the person’s mindset certain as they experience a reduction in body weight. Periodically, this situation can be considered a ”Placebo Effect”.

People believe that if others experience weight loss with this method they can also lose their weight by this technique, So a positive mindset is achieved, which helps them lose weight more quickly. This technique uses LED bulbs which help penetrate the body, red and near-infrared light residing in the visible spectrum of the sun having therapeutic effects at the cellular level of the body.

How does red light therapy work for weight loss?

Researchers have seen that red light therapy has demonstrated a significant change in the body shape of its patients. This therapy can be performed via a laser, lamp or wrap. How does it improve body shape and how it aids in weight loss is discussed in this section.

Increase Cellular Energy:

Red light therapy in weight loss helps in improving a cell’s activity which boosts up the metabolism and cells functioning. The vital purpose of light therapy is energy production. It gives strength to the mitochondria which is the chief energy production house of the cell. The amount of ATP is increased by this technology.

Increased muscular mass:

This technique increases muscle mass. Which eventually causes the burning of calories even when not exercising. According to Research in the American Journal of Physical Health and Rehabilitation, red light therapy promotes muscle growth by increasing muscle size and bulk alongside its strength.

Thyroid Regulation: It has been seen through research that red light therapy increases thyroid regulation. A low functioning thyroid leads to weight gain. Red light therapy helps regain the autoimmune activity and natural functioning of the thyroid that aids in weight loss.

Appetite suppression: Red light therapy causes a reduction in appetite by controlling leptin and ghrelin, hunger promoting hormones. According to research, for using red light therapy on these hormones in sleep-deprived adults, a reduction of 19% was recorded.

Insulin Reduction:

Red light therapy causes regulation of the thyroid hormone and a decrease in insulin with a reduction in excess fat. Red light therapy when combined with exercise shows a rapid decrease in insulin levels.

In research of Brazil, 40 stout women were assisted under supervision. The women performed a 20-week training which included exercise followed by red light therapy. The researchers measured a reduction in insulin level as well as weight loss in these women. They found that red light therapy when combined with exercise, reduces the insulin level and fat mass by 5.6%.

Improved Sleep:

It has been proved sleep deprivation leads to insomnia, which causes chronic stress leading to weight gain.

The research was carried out among youthful basketball players facing sleep difficulty. After performing red light therapy the results showed that the quality and duration of sleep were improved due to more secretion of melatonin.

Red light therapy helps in a sound sleep which imparts more energy for your exercise.

Fat cell reduction:

Red light therapy for weight loss helps in the formation of small pores through which fatty acids are released called lipids.

According to research; four minutes of exposure to a 635 nm light released almost 80% of the fatty acids and six minutes of exposure released all fatty acids.

Red light also causes adipocyte apoptosis which helps in the leakage of fatty acids and the inevitable death of cells.

Red Light Therapy and fat cell reduction

Reduced Inflammation:

Inflammations and stress lead to many malfunctions which are the cause of obesity. Red light therapy causes reduced inflammation of chronic diseases like obesity.

Red Light therapy is known to lessen inflammation which supports the body in gaining natural metabolism.

Red light therapy weight loss study and benefits:

Ideal body shape and weight loss goals can’t be achieved by exercise alone. A nutritious diet along with red light therapy can prove to be a booster for it. This therapy has a light wavelength that penetrates the dermal layer of the skin to help fat removal from specific skin areas.

Clinical researches have shown that red light therapy works magically for weight loss, fat reduction, and embody contours. This therapy is a non-invasive therapy with benefits for influencing the body into a proper shape.

Red Light therapy for cellulitis:

The formation of lumps on the abdomen, hips, superior arms and buttock is known as Cellulite. It is more widespread to women.

A study was conducted on 20 people. The half group was experiencing red light therapy and treadmill, the other went through the only treadmill. When the results were observed, the people of the first group experienced a drastic reduction in cellulite as compared to the second one.

Targeted weight loss with red light therapy:

Targeted weight loss is not possible with only adopting red light therapy but surgery offer the only solution if you are obese, this therapy works only if you are a few lbs. away from the ideal weight because it only works on targeted areas.

Although red light can represent a solution for weight reduction. According to the research of 40 men and women experienced a weight reduction when exposed to red light therapy twice a week for four weeks, and they achieved these weight loss results without altering their diet and doing exercise.

Results of Red light Therapy Before and After

But before going for red light therapy you should take into consideration the following things:

1 – Visceral Vs Subcutaneous fat:

Red light therapy works for subcutaneous fat, the fat which can be pinched and felt on the abdomen, hips and waist. Whereas, visceral fat comprise another type that is stubborn inside fat.

2 – Measure the body measurements:

Before going for therapy conduct a deep check on your body measurements. Analyze whether you require that therapy or not. Check for your:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Resting metabolism
  • Visceral Fat
  • Weight and Age

3- Prepare yourself for the therapy:

When going for therapy, you should prepare yourself for the following things:

  • Drinking plenty of water before going for surgery.
  • Avoid consuming anything one hour before therapy.
  • Avoid wearing a black color, as black color doesn’t absorb light.

Can infra-red or Near-infrared therapy help lose weight:

The benefits of red light therapy can’t be overlooked, As it benefits by penetrating the dermal layer and causing fat removal.

The infra-red and Near-infrared light penetrates even more deeply into the skin, due to more penetration these work more effectively for weight loss and reduction in the fat cells. The infra-red light helps in more cellulite reduction and improvement in body composition by lessening the inflammation. Apart from this, Near-infrared reduces inflammation and causes more muscle healing and growth.

How to use Red Light Therapy at home?

Want to ask can you use red light therapy at home? The answer to this is Yes; it can be undoubtedly utilized at home.

For performing red light therapy at home, a high-quality led-light must be used for better results. The wavelength of 600-630 nm red light or near-infrared light of 810 nm, 830nm or 850 nm is used. The exposure time at home is about 20 minutes several times a week. After these sessions, you will experience a visible reduction in the fat loss at the hips, abdomen and upper arms.

Although there are some precautions: You must not utilize the red light if you’re pregnant. Another thing is trying to avoid investing in any kind of cheap led light. They don’t show results, only an excellent quality led light will show results.

Will the Weight Loss be Permanent?

Worried about whether red light therapy gives permanent weight loss or not? The answer to this is permanent weight loss is not something that can be achieved only by red light therapy. A healthy lifestyle and many exercises alongside red light therapy can be beneficial for keeping the body in a good composition.

Research shows that exercise and an active lifestyle are important to retain the body in shape. Red light therapy only targets specific areas and cannot help people who are already far away from the ideal weight.

Maintain a summer body with red light therapy all the year:

Want to have your dream body shape with fascinating curves, then getting red light therapy for it can make your body look amazing. This therapy is a non-invasive technique for the removal of excess body fat by forcing our body to get into the desired shape. Practicing a good exercise routine and nutritious diet with this therapy can help in long-term results for weight loss. It beneficially lowers down cellulite and inflammation, causing fat leakage and weight loss .Exercise boosts up a body’s metabolism and aids in fast weight loss . Therefore, a good exercise routine is very important. Red light therapy shows more convincing results when combined with exercise . Also a healthy lifestyle acts as a booster.

A good Exercise Routine and Healthy Lifestyle

Bottom line:

So, for maintaining a good body composition and body shape round the clock, an exercise routine with an active lifestyle is crucial alongside the red light therapy for weight loss. However, health care consultation is recommended before undergoing any therapy. This blog post is thoroughly researched and has complete information about red light therapy. Red light therapy and its beneficial outcomes can’t be denied. Therefore, if you’re experiencing similar problems, don’t wait for grasping your body back into shape and consider red light therapy to observe results yourself.

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