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What skin problems should be treated with red light therapy for skin care?

If your skin is no longer as elastic as before, it will sag, dry, unable to lock moisture, with large pores and dark complexion, fine lines in the corner of your eyes will appear quietly, and the cuticle will be damaged and the skin will be sensitive and red. This obviously reduces the content of collagen and vitriol calcined. 660nm red light therapy is very good for sensitive skin, which can maintain cuticle, repair skin barrier, improve skin redness, increase moisture content of cuticle, reduce fine lines and do no harm to skin.

Skin care professionals use LED red light therapy device to cure skin

Red light therapy device can help you to improve these problems. The LED red light therapy device uses high-purity and high-power 660nm red light to irradiate the skin, because 660nm red light has a good effect on skin cell regeneration, promoting blood circulation, relieving acne marks and scars, and activating collagen active ingredients. The treatment is completely painless. After one treatment, your skin will be firmer and smoother due to the increase of blood circulation, oxygen and moisture content.

What are the advantages of red light therapy device?

  1. High light efficiency, narrow spectrum, good monochromaticity and high irradiance
  2. high brightness, high heat, cold light source, short treatment time, no burns
  3. The equipment has a long service life and can be used for 3-5 years
  4. external irradiation, no need of drugs, safety, no side effects 5. It has obvious effects on acne, red face, acne marks, pores, blackheads and cuticle.

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