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The first thing you should do in the morning… And it’s an easy one!☀️

One of the simplest hacks that has the biggest effect on your health each and every morning is to avoid artificial light and let the sun be the first light you see everyday. And it only takes 1-3 minutes for it to be effective.

Most people do not follow this rule and they look immediately at their phone or computer. The screen on your phone is 5500 kelvin which sends a signal to your brain and body that it’s noon. You can imagine how this could confuse your body.

You will notice two things right away from doing this. One, you will be wide awake in a matter of minutes. Two, you will be in a better mood.

Our artificial lights and screens confuse our body at an important time of day when we start making and releasing hormones that last the whole day.

Try this hack and you WILL notice a big difference in your day! Get up, get out! ☀️❤️

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