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Pain Reduction An In-House Infrared Light Therapy Study


Our company is always striving to improve our products with the latest technology, so we can offer the best possible light therapy solutions to our customers. We watch the trends, keep an eye on innovations in the field, and listen to our customers about the features, benefits, and opportunities for improvement in our products.

But another major part of our ongoing commitment to creating and delivering the best home light therapy solutions is assessing the effectiveness of our current pain-relief products.

The Study

This Pain Relief Study was a randomized, controlled consumer study including both men and women across a range of ages, each suffering from pain.

Participants provided background information on their pain prior to the study, revealing a wide range of causes, duration, and location of the pain they had been dealing with:

  • 4% of participants suffered from chronic pain, while 13.4% suffered from situational, event-driven pain.
  • 55% of participants suffered pain from an injury, while 45% said their pain was disease related.
  • Participants indicating suffering from pain for between 1 and 25 years.
  • Participants suffered pain in a variety of different body parts, including the back, shoulder, hand, knee, ankle neck, leg, and elbow.

Participants performed a baseline self-evaluation of their pain before the study. After using the pain device best suited to their needs daily for 5 days, participants once again completed the self-evaluation.


The results speak for themselves.

Overall, 100% of subjects reported improvement in their levels of pain, mobility, and recovery.

  • 91% of subjects reported over 50% improvement in general relief of pain (with an overall average of 57% improvement)
  • 86% of subjects reported over 50% reduction in the impact pain had on their daily activity (with an overall average of 59% improvement)
  • 82% of subjects reported over 50% reduction in reliance on pain medications to manage their pain (with an overall average of 59% improvement)
  • 100% of subjects reported continued improvement in reduction of daily pain, with 86% reporting over 50% (with an overall average of 62% improvement)

In short, participants reported significant reduction in overall pain, in the impact pain had on their daily activity, and in the amount of medication they had to take to manage pain, all while their pain continued to improve over time.

What’s more, those who reported the greatest pain and limitations due to pain, also reported the greatest improvements, some as high as 70%-80%.

It’s no overstatement to say that Pain-Relief Light Therapy improved the quality of life for every one of the study participants.


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