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There are 2 tricks to avoiding the burn. And they are pretty simple. And neither of them have to do with wearing sunscreens.

The first is to build up your solar callous. This is done early in spring by going outside for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Your skin will start getting used the the amount of sun and become thicker. Use the app D-minder and it will tell you down to the exact minute to be safe while doing this.

The second is to use red and near infrared light to precondition the skin allowing you to absorb more mid day UV. You can do this by exposing as much skin as possible to the sunrise or by using one of our light devices. The clear winner between the two is the sunrise but if you can’t do that the next best way is our lights.

And lastly, if you do receive more UV than you would have liked, you can use the sunset or our lights as a way to reduce the inflammation and start the healing process.

Take away: red and near infrared light will allow you to absorb more UV and keep you happy and healthy without the need of any toxic sunscreens that block most of the benefits that the sun will provide. ☀️

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