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Can LED Lights Damage Your Eyes?
Light Sources and Eyes (1)

It is a recurring thought for many to ask “is red light therapy safe for eyes” and this is a very legit concern, as it is common knowledge that most light projection on our eyes are damaging our ocular health.

According to research, red light therapy is safe for eyes, but precautionary measures must be taken.

Unlike ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) light, red light will not burn your eyes, although you may feel a gentle warmth during treatment. But because eyes are extremely photosensitive, damage could occur from too much exposure. Most research on the ocular use of red light therapy involved two minutes of exposure daily or every other day, so this is a solid starting.

Is it Safe to Use Red Light Therapy Every Day?

Red light has no adverse effects when used as directed; however, daily use is often too much. Studies on using red light therapy to treat eye conditions point to no more than two minutes per session every other day.

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